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Study of chicken welfare rules highlights need for nonhuman representation

As part of the CASJ’s mission to advance justice for nonhuman animals, we have been co-funding a research project which has been carried out by a team of academic experts in animal protection policy – Peter Chen from the University of Sydney; Siobhan O’Sullivan from the University of New South Wales, who tragically passed away […]

What animal cruelty issues have Government advisors asked to be prioritised?

The CASJ is researching the role of the Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) , which is an expert committee whose role is to ‘provide advice on the welfare of farmed animals, companion animals and wild animals kept by people to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Scottish and Welsh Governments’.[1] Thus […]

CASJ now offering grants for animal protection politics research programmes

The Centre for Animals and Social Justice (CASJ) is offering grants for UK-based applicants to pursue research in the field of the politics of animal protection. We welcome applications that combine academic rigour with topicality and potential social impact, with the ultimate aim of advancing animal protection. Applicants should note the necessity to disseminate their […]

Global Animal Welfare Policy Research Project Update

It is now a year since we launched our ground-breaking international study of public policy regarding the farming of chickens for meat (they are known as ‘broilers’). By examining and comparing the policy process in four different countries (Australia, UK, Aotearoa-New Zealand and the Netherlands) we aim to figure out what factors help and hinder […]

CASJ embarks on international animal protection research

The CASJ is teaming up with RSPCA Australia to initiate a ground-breaking international study that aims to understand which social, political and economic factors help or hinder animal protection.  The two year project will compare public policy and regulation concerning the commercial production of chickens for meat (‘broiler chickens’) in four countries – the UK, […]

Understanding the public debate on fox hunting

We are pleased to announce that Dr Lucy Parry, who has been carrying out academic research into animal protection funded by the CASJ, has had another paper based on those investigations published in a peer-reviewed journal, British Politics. Lucy’s research looked into the public debates on fox hunting, using a technique called ‘Q methodology’ to […]

Proposed UK Government Commission to tackle Domestic Abuse offers lessons for reducing animal harm

One of the key measures in the new Domestic Abuse Bill being laid before Parliament is the establishment, on a statutory footing, of an ‘Independent Office of the Domestic Abuse Commissioner’. The intended task of the Office is to lead government policy on preventing domestic abuse, including the publication of reports to hold Government to […]

Deliberating Animal Experiments

This article by Professor Rob Garner, from his CASJ-funded research, is an account of the work of the Boyd Group, an informal grouping of stakeholders on both sides of the debate about animal experimentation formed in Britain in the early 1990s. Published in the Global Journal of Animal Law, it is an explorative case study […]

Re-enchanting the farm: Learning lessons from the past about human-animal relationships

Leading animal studies scholar Professor Erica Fudge (pictured below) has written an exclusive article for the Centre about how the social history of farmer/animal relationships affects and illuminates contemporary debates about intensive animal farming. Professor Fudge, from the School of Humanities at the University of Strathclyde, examines extensive small-scale farming before the industrial revolution, a […]

New report analyses fox hunting debate

Our CASJ-funded PhD researcher Dr Lucy Parry has successfully completed her project at the University of Sheffield investigating the political battle over fox hunting and has had her work published in eminent academic journals and conferences. Obviously, the whole point of our research is that it leads to better protection for animals. So on 10 […]

CASJ PhD Student Lucy Parry gains Doctorate

  We are delighted to announce that our PhD researcher at the University of Sheffield, Lucy Parry, has now successfully submitted her thesis and passed her oral exam (‘viva’) to gain her doctorate in animal protection politics. The CASJ is delighted to have supported the advancement of knowledge to help animals. We’d like to thank […]

What does Brexit mean for the future of animal protection?

Most UK animal welfare legislation is based on EU rules formulated with UK involvement, so Brexit has the potential to affect animal protection levels in the UK (and across the remainder of the EU). Before the EU referendum, the CASJ explained that the impact of Brexit will depend on the UK government’s appetite for listening […]