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The CASJ is a progressive think tank dedicated to achieving social justice for the most vulnerable members of our society – nonhuman animals. As victims of entrenched prejudice and institutionalized violence, animals still lack meaningful protection by the state, resulting in devastating consequences for hundreds of millions of animals every year in the UK alone.

With no government support, it is only through the support of individuals and organisations that the CASJ can carry out the unique, groundbreaking work necessary to defend animals now and secure justice for them into the future. For the first time, the CASJ brings together experts committed to bringing sentient beings into the sphere of social justice. To seize this unprecedented opportunity for animals and human moral progress, the CASJ needs your help:

• If you would like to fund/sponsor a specific project or programme, please contact our CEO Dr Dan Lyons on 0114 2831155 or email Dan via our contact form.

• Building research capacity is a key goal for the CASJ. If you would like to join our growing network of animal protection students and researchers or discuss your research ideas and proposals in the field of animals and social justice, please contact Dan Lyons via our contact form.

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The Centre for Animals and Social Justice is a charitable company limited by guarantee (No. 7681014) in England and Wales.
Registered charity (No. 1144250) in England and Wales. Registered Office (no post please): Springfield, Rookery Hill, Ashtead, Surrey KT21 1HY.