You are in: CASJ Seminar Tackles Farm Animal Welfare Policy

With the horsemeat fiasco and concerns over the enforcement of the EU ban on sow stalls currently hot topics, the CASJ’s forthcoming seminar on farm animal welfare policy comes at a critical time. This, the third in our groundbreaking ‘Animals, Ethics and Public Policy’ seminar series, will take place at the University of Leicester on 10 April 2013.

The seminar will bring together academic experts, animal protection groups, policy-makers, farmers and other stakeholders to explore the current state of farm animal welfare and consider how public policy can be developed in a way that addresses the ethical imperatives to reduce animal harm and reflect public concern for animal welfare.

We are very pleased to have gathered a high-quality range of speakers with crucial expertise to share:

  • Professor Rob Garner (University of Leicester; CASJ Research Committee) ‘Mapping Ethics onto Public Policy – The Case of Farm Animals’
  • Dr Julia Wrathall (RSPCA) ‘The RSPCA’s approach to development and implementation of farm animal welfare policy’
  • Dr Andrea Gavinelli (European Commission Animal Welfare Unit) on the EU public policy framework for farm animal welfare
  • Professor Richard Bennett (University of Reading; DEFRA’s Farm Animal Welfare Committee) whose research interests include the economic valuation of consumer support for animal welfare
  • Dr Emma Roe (University of Southampton) who studies farm animal welfare assessments and their role in public policy
  • Lord Peter Melchett (Soil Association) on organic farming, public policy and animal welfare
  • Chris Gee (WSPA) and Katy Cheney (CIWF) will talk about their exciting new ‘Business Benchmark for Farm Animal Welfare’ scheme.

Click here to download the abstracts of these presentations. There are only a few places left, so if you are interested in attending, please get in touch with us via our contact page. The standard attendance fee is £50.

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