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CASJ Strategy

The CASJ’s mission is to open the realm of social justice to animals and hence advance animal protection. Therefore, the CASJ’s core strategic aim is:

To embed animal protection as a core policy goal of the UK Government, international governments and intergovernmental organisations, utilising and developing applied research as a primary tool to achieve this.

A government’s policy goals are determined by a range of factors, including the influence of interest groups, economic considerations, institutional structures and public opinion. Achieving our core strategic aim will depend upon a clear understanding of how these factors enhance or impede animal protection. The CASJ will therefore develop academic capacity in the field of applied animal protection to increase the impact of high quality research on policymaking affecting animals’ well being.

Underpinning this activity is a conviction that profound changes in the recognition of animals’ moral status are required by society as a whole and policymakers in particular. While, as our research agenda details, the CASJ will engage with specific issues directly affecting the wellbeing of animals, we will also seek to foster the paradigm  shifts and fundamental political reorientation that are required to enshrine animal protection as a basic component of social justice.

The Centre for Animals and Social Justice is a charitable company limited by guarantee (No. 7681014) in England and Wales.
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